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Graphic Display/Touch Screen 8400 Scale

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The Model 8400 is a new generation counting scale based upon an Elan 386 microprocessor with 2 megabytes of memory, multiple 20 bit analog to digital convertors, 360 x 240 pixel graphic LCD and touch screen. This high-tech scale uses a Windows-like graphical user interface, realtime operating system and multiple serial ports.

Cotton Gin Data Collection System

JLD Systems
This Windows 95 system collects data from 4 scales used to weigh reprocessed cotton bales. In addition to collecting and storing the bale data, the computer prints 13 different transaction reports and allows on-screen editing during data collection.

Computer System Interlock

JLD Systems
This explosion-proof system is designed to break all of the electrical signals from a computer in a purged enclosure in a explosive environment. The small package disconnects all the parallel, serial and network connections in a package of 124 cubic inches.

Stud Elongation Measurement System

JLD Systems
A system designed to measure and store readings of the torque of 6-inch diameter studs around the perimeter of pressure vessels. The instrument stores up to 600 readings and includes an integral printer for printing reports for the quality assurance department.

Silent Sentinel

JLD Systems
The Silent Sentinel is an automatic paging device designed to notify company personnel in the event of equipment failure. By activating a numeric pager, this equipment will alert you to power, HVAC, refrigeration or security failures and alarms.

Model 7X00 Family

JLD Systems
The Model 7X00 Family is a complete line of cost-effective indicators and scales. The simplest devices are load cell base or simple two button indicators. The top of the line is a full featured counting scale with dual bases, serial ports and other customer specified features.

Return Book Processing System

JLD Systems
This custom system was designed to process books being returned to the Book of the Month Club. The system was developed for the United States Postal Service and is configured using 5 computers interfaced with 4 parcel scales. This installation processes 7 tractor-trailer loads of books per day.

Video/Audio Routers

JLD Systems
A new and improved microprocessor that transmit and receive data on four serial ports at a sustained rate exceeding the current single port.

Specialty Flour Supplier

JLD Systems
An Intranet Multiple Scale Data Collection System that would allow anyone with the proper network access to determine the current and past weights of any silo from any computer on the company network.

Egg Breaking Plant

JLD Systems
A system collecting product quality information about incoming pallets of eggs. The information in size of egg, farmer's name and address, hauler, time of harvest, plant arrival time and quality approval.

Frozen Food Processing Plant

JLD Systems
A Windows 98 and Access 2000 (TM) based database and data collection system to dramatically streamline and track the production history of individual lots of product moving through production to packaging to distribution. At any time, the Quality Control Manager can design and print reports to meet any specific need.

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