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Frozen Food Processing Plant


Two high volume processors of perishable food products were using a labor-intensive manual means of tracking material as it is processed. Besides being slow, cumbersome, and operator-dependent, the system did not allow for convenient reporting and tabulation for quality purposes.


Design and develop a Windows 98 and Access 2000 (TM) based database and data collection system to dramatically streamline and track the production history of individual lots of product moving through production to packaging to distribution. Material in process can be sorted and tabulated by source, maturity, grade, type, and flavor in real time with complete reporting and record-keeping capability. At any time, the customer can locate and monitor the material in process and the Quality Control Manager can design and print reports to meet any specific need.

While weight input data is important, the new package provides much more comprehensive Statistical Process Control. Optional barcode scanning and printing can simplify even more the control of material being produced. Easy operator prompts and direct interfacing make the system fast, convenient, and extremely accurate.

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