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At JLD Systems, LTD we specialize in product development for electronics and mechanical product manufacturers. Whether you need a special component for an existing process or an entirely new product design, JLD Systems, LTD offers the expertise and experience to complete the job from start to finish.

We help you through all of the steps required to create your product, starting with your unique vision or concept and ending with a completed machine or component that performs all the functions you require.

JLD Systems, LTD has worked with many electronics and mechanical product manufacturers to develop a variety successful products. We invite you to view specific information for each of the projects listed below to get a feel for what JLD Systems, LTD can do for you!

Silent Sentinal
Stud Elongation Measurement System
Touch Screen Industrial Scale
Video/Audio Routers
USB Controlled Vacuum Florescent Graphic Display

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Our Product Development Process

Product Concept & Requirements

In the beginning we work with you to determine what your product requirements are. We ask questions, including:
  • How does it work?
  • How many do you need?
  • What is your non-recurring engineering budget?
  • What is your budget per unit?

Feature Map

After we have a general idea of your budget and quantity requirements, we help you determine what features your product should have. We ask more questions to find out if a particular feature is absolutely required, ideal or nice to have.

User Interface

The next step in the process is to design and create the displays and keyboards you will need to operate your product.

Electronic Design

Next, we evaluate the concept, features and user interface components of your project and use this information to create a block diagram of your product.

Parts Selection

The block diagram is then used to create a detailed schematic of the project that will facilitate proper parts selection. This will also allow us to evaluate what devices will be required to create your product.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Using the schematic and the parts we selected we will design a printed circuit board to meet the cost and future objectives of the project concept.

Embedded Software

Software is then developed to control the display and read the keys required for proper user interface operation.

Design Testing

Next, we'll run a series of tests to ensure the product meets all the design requirements and operates as required.

Compliance Testing

We can also evaluate your product and conduct the required compliance testing including UL, CE, NTEP and FCC.


After the product has been designed, built and tested, we will work with you to setup an appropriate manufacturing process that will depend on the number of units you need. We can work with you to setup in-house manufacturing or provide the necessary manufacturing capabilities.

Have questions? Need to get started on your next product development project right away? Please contact us by calling (717) 892-1100 or fill out our free quote form to talk with a product development specialist!

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